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Kiev escort FAQ

Can I invite a Kiev girl to me or I must go to her?

For to invite your escort girl to come to you, you need to call to our manager and leave your address, phone number and say when you want your girl to arrive.
If you want to come to a girl, you can do it because most of our ladies have nice apartments and they’ll be happy to invite you to their place. For to have more information, contact our manager.

If I come to a girl – it will be necessary to pay for apartments for us?

Most of girls from Ukraine escort have nice apartments where you can stay with your lady but if your lady doesn’t have a place where to stay or you want to stay in a hotel we’ll help you to choose the most available variant for you. There are lots of good hotels in Ukraine so we’ll send on your e-mail a list of them and you’ll choose the one. And you have to pay for it.

How can I use the service of London escorts, Paris escorts?

All you have to do is to choose one or more girls you like to have and after to make a reservation of a girl 2 hors minimum before to meet her. Call our manager and he will give you all necessary information.

Why I cannot see a face of the Kiev girls in your site?

Ukraine escorts care much about privacy of Kiev escort ladies. you can’t see a face of your lady on our site for to her not being recognised in real life. For most of girls escort service is hobby and they study at Universities and have responsible jobs in famous agencies and companies so they don’t want anybody to recognise them. But all girls are beautiful model-looking ladies, so you shouldn’t be worry about this.
Where is the guaranty to have a girl I choose? After looking through detailed description of a girl and making your reservation 2 hours minimum before to meet your lady we assure you to get the girl you have chosen. In Ukraine escorts there are girls for every taste and any occasion for you to choose.

I am busy person, and I will come to Kiev for 2 days. Can I have a Kiev girl in my hotel for 2 hours?

Yes, you can. And if you want your lady to come faster you should make a previous reservation of a girl. Call to our manager and he will help you to save your time by getting your escort girl.

If I want to have a Kiev girl for 0,5 hour? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to have a girl for half an hour. Call to our manager first.

If I’ll invite a one of Ukraine ladies in restaurant, in disco, in theatre or for to have a walk with me in Kiev, am I need to pay all prise for her, look like it is written on your site?

We have interesting propositions for our clients so you need to call our manager for to know more.

Can I have 2 or more Kiev girls?

You can have as many ladies from escort in Kiev as you wish and they will stay with you as long as you want. Contact us to get more information.

Can I have 1 Kiev girl for me and my friend?

Yes, you can, look girls’ descriptions and choose the one you like for most. Then call to our manager and he will organise your meeting with your lady.

Do you have the bisexual Kiev girls in escort in Kiev?

There are many bisexual girls on our site, you will find your lady looking through descriptions of girls.

I have my personal special wishes in sex. Can a Ukraine girl make it for me?

All girls from Kiev escorts are very creative in making sex and they will make all your secret wishes come true. You have to call our manager and to say him what you are expecting from meeting with your lady.

When need I pay?

You have to pay a girl at the beginning of your meeting.

Is it possible to pay in Euro?

You must pay in dollars only.

Can I pay by check or by card?

You have to pay a girl only cash in dollars.

It is necessary to pay for taxi for a girl?

If you want your girl to come faster to your place or if your girl leaves you at night time you have to pay taxi for her.

If I will stay with my Kiev girl more time than I paid before?

You shouldn’t be worry about anything just enjoy your girl. Stay with your lady as long as you need and pay her at the end of your meeting for all time you have spent together.